• Shahizan Hasnan
    Excellent hospitality. Only for Club members, affiliates and reciprocal members only. Guests will have to be accompanied by members of the Club. Superb facilities especially tennis.
  • Sivagurupatham Vadivelu
    The greenery and spacious fields. Excellent sporting tradition.
  • Amran Hassan
    Members only our guest of members. Good facilities, especially grass court tennis and swimming.
  • Aaron Leong Foong Lim
    Good place for hangout but requires membership access.
  • Lee Ting Hun
    This is the Wimbledon of Malaysia. If you have not played here, you have not played tennis yet in Malaysia
  • Bhanu k s
    Awesome place for all kind of sports.. Good facilities n high quality cricket ground n tennis courts.. Filled with many trees

Penang Sports Club International Invitational Tournament (PSCIITT) 2018
9th Mar 2018 - 12th Mar 2018

Chris Evert, former World No.1 Tennis Player in the United States