Penang Sports Club History


The Penang Sports Club started as the Penang Cricket Club at the Esplanade in the early 1900’s.


The Penang Cricket Club was originally a single storey clubhouse. It was extended in later years into this two storey building situated next to the Municipal building. This club was a popular meeting place for the European community, especially cricket enthusiasts.


The Penang Cricket Club moved to the present clubhouse in 1939 as the Penang Golf Club and then changed its name to Penang International Club. The clubhouse was at that time a military hospital and was later converted into an officer’s mess when the Penang General Hospital was opened.


The Penang Sports Club was established.


The Penang Sports Club was officially registered with the Registrar of Societies on 21st February 1950.


The present-day Penang Sports Club comprises the Club’s old building which has been renovated, and the two new wings to cater for the increasing number of its members through the years.